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Yearly Visit of Haze

Yearly Visit of Haze
Large scale of air pollution in the Southeast Asia has become a yearly event in the region. Most part of the haze was created from the forest burning in Sumatra and Kalimantan of Indonesia. Sadly but true, these are the local human activities in the Indonesia which the government has failed to bring it under control throughout the years.

Forest burning has long become a "shortcut" land clearing method by the corporations and farmers in the Indonesia, to clear up the lands for further developments such as agricultural and more. Although this irresponsible action saves them millions of dollars if they are to do it in a proper procedure, it created an outcry from the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore where the haze affected their daily lifestyle and most importantly, health.

The recent visit of haze causes the Air Pollutant Index in Malaysia and Singapore to hit above 200. This measurement means the amount of air pollution caused by the Indonesia was at an unhealthy level. Many schools and sport events have been forced to cancel and one of the lucky event that escaped the fate was the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2015, the highest league of motorsport racing which is a yearly mega event to be held in the country. Besides, the tourism industry in both countries have also felt the heavy impacts.

It is logical that the situation in Indonesia is even worse than the neighbouring countries. The government has declared a state of emergency in Riau province, where the air pollution reading has hit above 950. This, however, is hazardous to the local residents. Malaysia has also did the same in 2013 where the air pollution reading has hit above 750.

People of the affected countries were so upset, urging the Indonesian government to take stern actions against the law breakers. Unsurprisingly, there are also Malaysian and Singaporean companies that have been involved in the illegal forest burning activities, and they should be investigated and punished if found guilty.

These burnings are insanely difficult to put off due the fact that it happens on dry peat lands, and the fire may burn underground and come back up through other places. Singaporean government has also offered military assistance to the Indonesia, to help putting off the fire and dealing with the haze problem.

So lets be patient and offer a little more support to the authorities who are working hard to make the return of healthy air for everyone!