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Our Platform

Malaysiadb.com is a platform for the local Malaysian businesses to publish their business details online. This allows more exposures of the business to the worldwide borderless network that create more business opportunities and at the same time, increase the trading activities with the oversea counterparts.

Publishing your contacts on Yellowpages or printed media was so yesterday and by digitalize them will not only making the reach of your business faster, but also easier to the global business engagements. Our platform allows the business owners to publish more contact details comparing to some existing websites, and allows you to select the right categories that best described your businesses.

We have strict restrictions on every entry to ensure the quality of the contacts we have in our database is always at the best accuracy and reliability level.
Our Contacts

We worked hard to ensure that the contacts posted on this website are genuine business contacts and with the strict terms and conditions, only legal registered businesses in Malaysia are to be included in our database.

To view the full contact details, a user have to be a Subscriber to this website or else he or she can only view the basic Business Name, Categories and the Location.

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