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General FAQ

Malaysian Business Contacts FAQ
1. What is actually Malaysiadb.com?

It is a platform for the local Malaysian businesses to publish their business details online.

International or local traders who are interested to look for a Malaysian business partner, suppliers, manufacturers or other business purposes may subscribe to this website and retrieve the business contact details.

2. Why should I post my business contact to Malaysiadb.com?

This allows more exposures of the business to the worldwide border-less network utilizing our strength of development that create more business opportunities and at the same time, increase the trading activities with the oversea counterparts.

3. How much do you charge for each post?

We charged at an affordable price of any kind of business at only USD9.90 per post. It is cheap considering our operation and advertisement cost to promote our website globally.

4. How much do you charge if I want to view the Contact Details on this website?

We have two simple Subscription Plans. USD9.90 for 12 months and USD29.90 for lifetime access to full contact details.

5. How many contacts can I get from the Subscriptions?

There will be no limit on how many numbers of contacts you can retrieve from our database after subscribed to us. You are freely to access all contact details within the subscription validity period.

6. How frequent does Malaysiadb.com update the contacts?

For every new contact entered by the business owners, we will post it to the website within 48 - 72 business hours as they require our strict review procedure before posting.

7. How do I pay for the Subscriptions or Postings?

Fill up the form and follow the on screen instructions and it will lead you to make the payments using PayPal which accepted credit cards.

8. If I pay using my PayPal with credit card, what is the name printed on my bank statement?

The transaction on Malaysiadb.com will be displayed as PAYPAL*QUBICTECHNO on your bank statement.

9. I do not feel comfortable on payments online. Is there any alternative payment methods?

No. We accepted the payments only through PayPal, which is the most reliable and trusted online payment channel in the world. Please do not worry, they will take care in protecting your interest.

10. Can I share my Subscription account with my friends?

Each subscription is strictly to the usage of one person only. Please respect our policy to help us maintain the system for future improvements to serve you better.

11. I cannot find my question on the list above. How?

You may contact our Support at 00 6019 302 6600, Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our Live Chat feature available on the website if you require further clarifications on Malaysiadb.com.